In need of a ‘new fysic’?!

Have you already tried everything to live a healthier life, to enjoy it and lose some kilos at the same time, without any result? Welcome to the club!

‘I am what i am’, you can call me ‘the yo-yo-effect’… Because all my life i’ve been struggling with my weight, it went up&down, up&down…  Life can be hard!
I needed a plan that keeps me motivated and gives me the opportunity to lose weight and let me enjoy my food. This is where my story begins…

New Fysic Antwerp

Year after year i crave, like many others, to get my body ‘beach ready‘. Unfortunately i still didn’t succeed at that point, but i’m not a quitter. Thank the lord that i got the chance to try something new again and get acquainted with ‘the new kid in A-town’, NewFysic.
A Dutch company that finally found it’s way to Belgium.

I know that it’s difficult to find a combination that works between a healthy life, eating and losing weight… shortly the 3 key ingredients of NewFysic, can you hear me thinking?! This sounds like the perfect plan! First an intake, afterwards  a weekly check-up with my coach Caroline, just what i need.

She is an amazing women who knows what she’s talking about, keeps me motivated week after week so i’m ready to work with my customized nutrition plan and last but not least helped me changing my way of thinking.(this is not a crash diet). 

I have to tell you that i was a bit worried in the beginning, because it was weird to eat carbs and at least 6 times a day… But i works! ( I’ll keep you updated).

Pictures taken by Treatwell

Do you have some more questions? Don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail!



Pssst… Btw i lost 2,8kilos after two weeks…

Vestigingen in België:
NewFysic Schilde:
Turnhoutsebaan 146
2970 Schilde

NewFysic Antwerpen:
Nationalestraat 139
2000 Antwerpen




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