My Odette lunettes and I

Sunglasses, a way of expressing yourself, hiding yourself or maybe just to secretly stare at someone … Shortly, the best invention everrrrr!
That’s why I like to wear them ‘anyplace, anywhere, anytime’. Sadly it isn’t always that easy to find them.

Most of the time I’m like ‘my face is not made for those’they’re too small, not big enough, too big, the wrong colour… So I looked at my collection at home and saw it wasn’t good, time to do something about it!

Luckily there was a new kid in town, Eline de Munck‘s temporary store called Odette Lunettes. I had nothing to lose, so a couple of minutes later I arrived in her store.
In this amazing place I was able to have a look at the second collection, which consists  12 unisex models, all available in optical glasses and sunglasses

Still I had to think outside the box, because normally I’m into big sunglasses, thank god Eline and her fantastic team came to the rescue. With her help and expertise I bought “The Jones“, a trendy, hip and fashionable accessory that’ll help me complete my outfit and feel fancy.

Make sure you won’t forget to have a look at this high quality collection over here.



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