Mr.Dandy is taking over. | Viconti



Hey you!

Are you one of those guys that reached a whole new level of craziness?
Craziness as in getting excited by shopping, enjoying the newest trends and loving to take care of yourself. It sounds very easy to get satisfied, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Next to your high standards, you want to stand out, put your personality into your own style and last but definitely not least adapt your looks to any occasion.

Being Mr. Dandy

Everyone who knows me, knows that i love my stuff and i’m always looking for the newest, most elegant and trendy must-haves. During my search i ran into Viconti.

It’s a young Belgian brand that distinguishes theirselves by taking it to another level.
Like their SS16- collection, it consists a wide range of shoes, from sporty to classy, wearable to any occasion…shortly they meet all my requirements.

That’s the reason why i ordered ‘The Tarmac’, a shoe that you can wear both casual or dressy.
I chose to wear them underneath my Marine blue chinos and a white grandad collar shirt.
An outfit that completed my ‘going-to-the-beach-weekend’ just because they’re so stylish and comfortable, for real! 

Hope you enjoy my pictures taken by Frederic Boon.

DSC_0037 copy

viconti10 copy

viconti7 copy


viconti4 copy

viconti1 copy


viconti3 copy


Pictures taken by Frederic Boon.


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