Become a citizen of paradise. (ENG)

Om dit artikel in het Nederlands te lezen, klik je hier.

Are you ready to get the paradise-feeling as soon as possible, to have fun, to dance to good music and enjoy some delicious food next to the water? Than I would love to tell you about “The Paradise City Festival”, a place where a party helps taking care of our future.

This was my Paradise City experience

Sitting on the edge of my chair, trying not to sweat, in a car that seemed on fire, I was driving to Perk for the Press release of the Paradise City Festival.
Leaving my car, I was stunned by the soothing environment and the amazing castle of Ribeaucourt. “Wait…Have I died and gone to Paradise?”.

After briefly dreaming, Ann guided me to the orangerie, where I had a little chitchat with the other guests and later on took place at the table with Dimitri en Gilles, founders of Paradise City. They told us about the first edition, how they received the CO2 neutral festival label by reducing the impact on the environment.

Still they want to go greener for their second edition on the 25th– 26th of June. Normally I’m already lost when someone talks about “going greener”, but this time there’s something trendy&funky going on like “Future proof food”, culinary foodporn with a twist of sustainability. Or the “VIP of the future-packet” where you can order food&drinks from a distance and have it delivered wherever you are, thanks to Tsjing, an app on your smartphone. ‘So stop waiting in line and party along’.

So are you interested to attend a paradise like this or do you want to enjoy some tasty and healthy dishes served by Chef Sofie Dumont? Than you should have a look at

Hope you enjoy!

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