Once upon a time in Sicily…

Don pepé, a man who wore family, parties, passion, enjoying life and happiness paramount. These elements makes life so beautiful they had to be contained in a exquisite liqueur to honour this man.

At MaisonPR i had the chance to meet the amazing Vincenzo Bongiorno, son of Don Pepé. Not only did we have a wonderfull talk…we laughed, had fun and had a drink… or two… or three?!
He told me his story and i would love to share this with you…

Sicilian bottled passion

Back in 1968 Pepé decided to go to Belgium and find a job.
Luckily he took a few bottles of liqueur of red blood oranges to remind him of his birthplace when times got rough. He also took the recipe, a family secret, that later on will be passed to his son, Vincenzo.

To honour his father, Vincenzo named this liqueur “Don Pepé”. This is made of the skins of the famous Sicilian blood oranges and later on enriched with a few natural ingredients. That’s how the mysterious and delicious liqueur is created.

I know what you think… blood oranges, right?
Well, normally i’m not a fan of these, but you really have to give it a chance. It’s flavor is subtle and you don’t have to drink it as a shot, you can mix-it-up with some ‘Fever-tree tonic’ to keep it pithy or ‘Fentimans Rose lemonade’ if you like you’re cocktail sweeter.

Important to know: The Don Pepé-liqueur has got a unique character, because it’s fueled by the fire of the volcano Etna, rooted in the heart of Sicily and inspired by the Sicilian family values, hospitality and traditions.

No wonder you can taste the passion in this lovingly crafted products.

Would you try this?

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