A lip balm that goes beyond beeswax. | Alluvian



A couple of weeks ago I was looking around on instagram to see what’s hot, what’s going on in the world, things people like etc… When I suddenly discovered something new called Alluvian, a company that manufactures aquatic botanical soap and men’s grooming products.

Normally I’m just interested, but not blogging about it… but after doing my research and being contacted to try out one of their products, I have to tell you something more about them.

“Modern with a touch of traditions.”

Alluvian, based in central Illinois, wanted to make products that would be pure, unadulterated, high quality and most importantly distinguished. They were made out of true ingredients, specifically formulated to offer superior performance and have a low impact on the environment.
Shortly it’s a sustainable alternative for a plastic-free lifestyle.

The Cacay lip balm.


I can tell you that I’m not a lip balm-person, it’s very sticky, tastes bad or it’s just gross. But yes, i know it’s important to take care of your lips, so i took the decision to give it a go.

First of all you can smell the scent of vanilla, cacao and a touch of mint…I call it ‘The best first impression ever!’
When touching it, it feels oily, but that’s normal because the balm is made of natural oils for the best result.
And last but not least what it does to my lips… Well, they feel soft and supple.

You should order this one over here, because it made me fall in love.
Hope you enjoy!


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