Men’s night out | Our time to shine.



Some ways of networking are very old-fashioned and men nowadays have more expectations and requirements. 

It is not easy to find an event where you can come together and get the opportunity to share information as well as searching for potential business relationships and this in combination with some pampering.

Well, I might just have found the perfect networking-event for this.

Out with the old, in with the new.

On Thursday, May 12, 2016 Mr.Lookfl and Mr.Polished will be present at an exclusive networking event in Antwerp. We will get the chance to host you and to enjoy together an exquisite setting and atmosphere as well as cigars, rum, grooming, styling tips and so much more… all Havana style.

This event is organized by Katleen Vrombaut, owner of cosmentis, and Christel Van Roey, owner of coloryourlife. Next to being a professional in their job field, they can be called ‘millennium-women with a vision’.
Always ready to help men with their dream(s).

Did you get excited by reading this or has it tickled your curiosity? Well than don’t wait any longer and have a look at the event here.

Hope to see you there!




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