Timberland’s way to conquer SS16 – The adaptation to the environment


Don’t we all know those situations in which we suddenly realize we’re wearing the wrong shoes at the wrong time or place?
To prevent this as much as possible Timberland came up with an innovative and fashionable solution.


Spring is back, which means that it’s time to store your winter clothes and shoes, get your Spring/Summer-clothes and last but not least go outside and have some drinks at a terrace.
Since you never know what the day will bring, you need to be prepared for all kinds of occasions and conditions.


In order to meet those needs Timberland launched ‘Sensor Flex’, an innovative three layered outsole to conquer the SS16 season.
This outsole ensures stability, absorbs shocks and impacts and features flex grooves and traction pods so you remain sure-footed on any ground you stand.

In short, this new design ensures stability and comfort without having to compromise, so you can stand and go whenever and wherever you want.

Are you interested in buying them? Shop over here!
Let me know!




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