ZEB x Dennis Praet | DYJcode.

As a child we all had our dreams about the future, big or small, possible or totally impossible… This fantasy can be partly responsible for how we end up as an adult.

So was Dennis Praet having a lot of dreams growing up. Next to the dream of playing professional soccer, he hoped to do something with fashion.

Soccer vs. Fashion – What a match.

Dennis Praet, a 22y.o. Belgian Soccer player, went on a trip to New York with one of his childhood friends Yannick Nulens. What started as a dream quickly became reality with the launch of their streetstyle-brand called DYJcode.

Due to the success of the DYJcode-webshop he had to find a partner with the right knowledge and expertise to help him grow. This is where ZEB came in, a multi-brand fashion store where the costumer will be treated like a king.

Yesterday I was invited to the launch of this collaboration and have a little talk with Dennis. He told me that the inspiration came from social media and his love for statement prints, obviously!

If you’re interested in buying something of this collection, you can go to one of the 58 ZEB-stores in Belgium or online at www.dyjcode.com or http://www.zeb.be/

Hope you enjoy!

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