You’re from the 70’s, but i’m a 90’s bitch. | Le Touriste Perdu

Back in the 90 ‘s we didn’t have that much to worry about. We had our flippo’s, tamagotchi’s, the backstreet boys, the spice girls and our disc-man.
Since then the world has changed enormously and made us growing up so fast, we fell lost in our own hometown.

Thank god that nowadays there’s a Belgian brand that translates the 90’s vibe into ‘a 21st-century-survival-collection.’.

Le Touriste Perdu.’


Jeremy Allard, owner and designer of Le Touriste Perdu, wants to show us the fun and creative sides of ‘a fashion–travel-combination’.
Getting inspired by the newest fashiontrends, traveling around the world and discovering the big cities are the source of inspiration for his first collection.

To be sure that everything went right and the quality was guaranteed, Jeremy travelled to Istanbul and Hong Kong to meet and check his suppliers.


For this collaboration i got the opportunity to work with the ‘black-noir-sweatshirt’. 
The inspiration for this sweatshirt came from the French who brought the term ‘noir-sur-noir’ to their daily life.

“ And if the French have taught us anything about style over the years, it’s that black clothes look effortlessly cool and sophisticated, no matter whether you’re dressing up or down.”

I have to be honest and tell you that i don’t have that much black in my closet. But especially for LTP i was ready to think and work ‘out-of-the-box‘ and make the best out of it.


I hope you enjoy!


You can buy the collection at their online store or at Madame Bovary.

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