Deuxbelges | Exclusive collab.

Think about the online world in which we move ourselves more and more daily and where we want to stand out with our individual characteristics and interests.

By showing that you’re unique and limited, you’ll be able to increase interests.
That’s how ‘deuxbelges‘ started in September 2015.

When art meets fashion.


At the ‘ Antwerp-press-days ‘ I got in touch with a new brand, called ‘Deuxbelges ‘. A surreal limited art-shirt company that deals with the design of unique pieces of art, which are wearable and fashionable.

Besides their collection of caps, socks, shoes, t-shirts … they also brought sweatshirts on the market with a surprisingly and artistic twist.
Miraculously i got the opportunity to work with a personalized MrPolished-shirt. How cool is that?!

To show them my gratitude, I wanted to do something ‘new’ and made the decision to take some pictures in Iceland, where the nature is as ‘one of a kind ‘ as they are.

Walden 100%

Are you already a fan of this innovative and artistic brand that eliminates matching outfits and the embarrassing moments when you come across someone wearing the same outfit?

Then you should have a look at

Hope you Enjoy!

Glasses: Persol
Sweatshirt: DeuxBelges

Pants: Uniqlo
Shoes: Adidas Stan smith
Watch: Qlocktwo W
Artistic director: F.Boon

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