Stan Smith | Adidas

“Often imitated but never replicated, it’s statement rings true
every time an icon of self-expression in every city, in every court.- Stan Smith”

The Adidas Stan Smith’s have been around for years, but that didn’t keep them from being wildly popular. With the necessary innovations and adjustments this shoes became more and more popular.
We can say that the Adidas Stan Smith-shoes are one of ‘the most talked about’ of the year 2015. Wherever you go, they’re always near you.

To avoid the comment “That’s so 2015!”, They have some new versions ready for us

  • First of all the all-white leather shoe appear updated;
  • 3 soft, suede shoes in red, blue and grey with matching laces.

These are the ‘ Must-haves ‘ for the year 2016.

Hope you enjoy!





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