Shoes, shoes, shoes and shoes.


FOOTPRINT; an impression of the sole of a person’s foot, especially one taken for purposes of identification.

Last Wednesday, I paid a visit to the Fashionmuseum Antwerp. After the wonderful exhibition of Dries van Noten I was wondering what she had in store for the audience.
This exhibition, called Footprint,received a lot of positive feedback;

That’s why i had to be there!”

Due attention is paid to those fashion and shoe designers that used their skills and artistic vision to leave an imprint on the fashion image of their age. The exhibition shows both the Hollywood glamour of Salvatore Ferragamo, the ‘shoemaker of dreams’ for Marilyn Monroe, as well as sneakers by Raf Simons and the rebellious boots by Vivienne Westwood, Walter Van Beirendonck and others: these shoes have left their marks in fashion history. (source: Momu)
These pictures will show you a part of the exhibition.

Hope you enjoy!


IMG_9104 IMG_9051 IMG_9119 IMG_9050 IMG_9067 IMG_9065 IMG_9075 IMG_9062  IMG_9086 IMG_9110  IMG_9071 IMG_9080 IMG_9058 IMG_9113 IMG_9105 IMG_9087 IMG_9099

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